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Name:Bedtime Stories
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Welcome to Bedtime Stories

This community is sort of like a story circle, around the campfire or at a friend's sleepover, where one person starts the story and, one by one, each person contributes their own portion. Since we are in the virtual world, we can have many stories going at once. So, how does it work?

Members may post the introduction to a story.... a few paragraphs is generally all that is required to get this off the ground, but you can make it as long or as short as you'd like (keeping in mind that if it's too long or too short, someone else might be reluctant to contribute to it). In the comments field, other members may post their portions of the story. In the event that a comment string fills up, please provide a link to a new post specifying that it is to continue the story there. Please also provide a link in the new post which refers newcomers back to the original one.


001. Rude comments or comments intended to offend will be deleted and the poster will be removed from the community.

002. Do not finish your own story or remove comments simply because you don't like the direction the story is taking. Do not disable or freeze comments.

003. One comment per person in a row ~ this means that your addition to the post must fit within the confines of the number of characters allowed for that comment. You may add an additional comment after someone else has a chance to step in.

004. Do not, under any circumstances, repost content from this community (that is not your own) in your own journal or publish it elsewhere. You may repost your own contribution to the story, and link to the post itself for further explanation, but do not take content that is not yours and post it.

005. Although (despite the title) that is not the intention of the community, NSFW posts are welcome, as long as there is a warning and a cut before (and containing) the adult content. It would be preferable if these posts were locked as well, but it is not a requirement at this time. If it becomes an issue in the future, that may change.

006. Hate speech is strictly forbidden.
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